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Xylen Roberts (Redpilled/Conscious Entertainment)
I'm a redpilled conscious singer/songwriter/rapper/comedian/multiinstrumentalist/producer/short story and skit writer/conspiracy theorist/visual artist who isn't afraid to challenge the status quo. My lyrics often are inspired by the conspiracy realm and the music Is experimental and eclectic; and my skits are surreal and thought provoking. My channel includes all of the above plus discussions etc. Currently in 2020/21 I do a number of livestreamed shows and am working on completing two albums: the indie/art rock oriented A Shoe-In For The Shut-In Awards and the more experimental/industrial Essential Travel. The albums are due out early 2021. My main livestream shows are the variety show Various Vortices, the music dj show Chased By Vibrations, the concert series Covideodrome Thunderdome, and the short lived improv show Wild West Wombat Wednesdays.

From August through October 2020, I was doing weekly livestreams but that has ended now. Then in November and DEcember I had a number of specials. Starting in 2021, there is no set stream schedule now as I am currently working on finishing my two albums. After that? Who knows. If the world is still standing and I am not tossed in a Fema Camp, I will likely start streaming again at some point as well as work will commence on the limited run first season of Tell A Vision. Also other music very likely, including the Vlad The Impaler ep. Here's more info...


Number one will happen in January or February. I don't know when the others will come but most likely Spring and/or Summer.

1.) A Shoe In For The Shut In Awards & Essential Travel (Full Albums Stream)

In early 2021, I will be releasing my next two albums: the indie rock oriented A Shoe-In For The Shut-In Awards (which includes the songs '5G', 'Animal Kingdom', and 'The Seraphim Speaks To Me') and the more experimental Essential Travel (which includes 'My God Machine'). Upon doing so, I will livestream the albums in full. Expect a third live show (Covideodrome Part 3) around this time too. A few more singles for the albums, including several b sides covers and remixes, will be dropping at some point soon as well.

2.) Tell A Vision (4 episodes)
A radio serial based on some of our characters sitting around a campfire and weaving new crazy storie(s) each episode.This was started with Tell A Vision Episode 1: Jive Turkey Program around Thanksgiving 2020 for the Electionsgiving Special. It will continue with 4 episodes sometime in 2021.

3.) Vlad The Impaler: Born To Be Vlad EP

a dungeon rap/dungeon synth focused side project. The first EP will drop sometime in 2021 and it will be part of a 2021 stream when it does.

5.) I have a bunch of leftover Mythshifter instrumentals that will come out in one or possibly more albums in 2021.

My regular streamed shows Various Vortices, Covideodrome Thunderdome and Chased by Vibrations will likely begin again at some point this year but don't know when.

+++ If you want to support me, go to my Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/xylenroberts

Check out my other sites please:

https://www.minds.com/xylenroberts/ (My main social network. Lots of subs and use it daily. Great place.)

https://www.soundcloud.com/xylen-roberts (my main music project where I weave conscious lyrics through a mix of art rock, experimental hiphop, indie pop and other genres. The old version of Various Vortices, when it was just audio only and before I livestreamed it, is also available here.)

https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/XylenRoberts (my main video sites. I also livestream to JWTV and so far its the only place I have every single one of my videos, but BitChute also has a lot. I no longer use YouTube because they have been shadowbanning me since 2018.)

My HearThis (Soundcloudesque music site; also doubles as the offical site for my record label Avadhuta Records: hearthis.at/avadhuta-records/

https://www.soundcloud.com/mythshifter (experimental instrumentals)