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The community that I aim to create is one of a safe haven, I want viewers to find comfort and to make new friends when they come and hang out, even if you prefer lurking just know I appreciate you being here and allowing me to provide you with the entertainment I aim to create. A saying to remember is streamers support streamers, some of the lemons that are donated I use to spread to other streamers that I think are doing a great job in growing the Dlive community as well as smaller streams like myself.
My normal streaming hours are Monday Through Friday from 10:00 a.m to 3:30 p.m
Eastern Standard Time.
Saturday is a special day! Saturday is the day I stream later in the afternoon! So Saturday stream will start around 2:00 p.m and end close to 7:00 p.m Eastern Standard Time
1. Be positive & helpful to other viewers.
2. Be respectful to moderators.
3. Do not self promote
4. Racism or discrimination will result in a ban.
5. Please do not spam chat
First things first, this channel is not about donations, I stream because playing video games and making friends are worth more than any donation. So do not think you need to make a donation to be noticed in our chat or in our community!
Below is the conversion rate of lemons so you are informed of the value of your donation!
1 LINO/Lemon = $0.012
1 Ice cream = $0.12
1 Diamond = $1.20
1 Ninjghini = $12.00
1 Ninjet = $120.00
Incent is the number one way for me to give back to you guys! Incent is a free service in which I am able to give back to our community in the way of Crypto! When you see the code above during stream all you have to do is click on the Incent panel and it will bring you to where you gotta go to claim your reward!
For the Discord link you are able to click on the Discord Panel image! If you are unable to click the panel please ask in chat and we will be able to send you a proper link!
1. Miq3
2. Lafingman0
3. allthingscanada
4. YourLocalSammy
5. LanielDayDewis
If you have any questions please feel free to @ one of the listed mods and they will help you with anything you need!
1. NilsNyberg
2. Lafingman0
This Panel is for the streams that make this community what it is! If you have a recommendation that you would like me to check out send it my way!

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