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LETS GO!! I like games and booze, so much so that I some how managed to convince a company to give me a job as an Alcoholic beverage specialist (no not a bartender, though I was for years) and now trying to team that up with my love for video games through streaming. Come jump in on one of my streams sometime, talk some shop or just throw out some bant, im pretty open to everthing.

Games im streaming right now:
- Terraria.
- World of Warcraft - Classic will be all i stream of that when it comes out.
- Outward.
- Hero Siege.
- Minecraft.
I also love a good community game so quite often open up the server for followers to join in while im streaming, if interested just hit Follow and then ask me for the password.
I will mostly stream on the weekends and always strive to be on Friday to Sunday from 6:30 AEST however due to work and family (My partner demands date nights) I cant always promise to be on but to make up for it i'll also jump on randomly during the week when I've got time.
1. Dont be an Asshole.
2. Take the piss but if someone is getting upset back your ass up read rule 1 and apologise.
3. Abide by all of the mixer terms and conditions.
4. Trolling is ok in small amounts for fun, but not to excess.
5. Bigotry makes the baby jesus cry.