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What the hell am I?
Well... I'm a female streamer that plays games badly, I am a moderator for SMthegamer, CloudX4 and Stark1z
I am the Y in SMYDC which is a joint channel between myself and SMthegamer on Youtube.
I am on here, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.
I am a beginner cosplayer, crafter and generally lazy, crazy person.
What you can and can't do whilst here with me
No Politics
No Racism or any other isms
No Hateful or Nasty comments
Don't ask for the chest
Don't put your own links without asking for permission
Don't follow for follow, follow me if you like me as a person
English only and swearing is fine but make it English!
The schedule I hope to Stick to
Monday's- 12.30pm GMT
Tuesday's- Maybe if I really want to
Wednesday's- 1pm GMT
Thursday's- You never know
Friday's- 12.30pm GMT
Saturday's- Probably sleeping
Sunday's- 1.30pm GMT

Look forward to seeing you all on the days listed as stream days :D
All donations through this link go directly to Stand Up to Cancer.
All donations through this link go directly to Macmillan Cancer Support.
All donations through this link go directly to Mind.
Missed the stream?
Come hang out over on YouTube where you can pause, make a coffee, dunk some biscuits, and play with cats without missing the action!
Join our Discord, we're a small community, but the more we grow the more you'll... know?
AFK Arena (Mobile Game)
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Guild: SMYDC