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No racism

Use common sense

No backseat gaming - Unless I ask for help.

No spoilers for games/other media

Don't be a jerk

No spamming within chat or voice chat
I am a variety streamer, this means that I normally will not stick to just one game unless it is super interesting or fun.

Once in a while I might play a FPS, then swap over to an MMORPG, then hop onto VR, what ever the case I hope you all will enjoy hanging out here and chatting as well.

Also follow on Twitter I post when going live!
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I just want to say thanks to those all of you who've shown your support, every donation is appreciated, tho you don't have to donate to enjoy the stream.

Every bit that is donated does help in keeping things up and running, I do plan on using the donations for future upgrades, server rentals/buying for community hosted games, Pizza and making it possible to get things made that are needed.

That or I plan on funding the worlds largest hamsters powered mega laser!

Mic - Blue Yeti Pro
Headset - RIG 400HX
Mouse and Keyboard - MFTEK Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo
Monitors - AOC G2460F 144Hz 1080p, Insignia Tv 720p 60Hz upscaled to 1080p 60Hz
VR - Oculus Quest 2, Vive trackers for full body tracking and 1 base station.