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I want welcome you all to my channel, I hope to provide you all with an interesting view of the other side of live streaming, I am might not be super flashy or quirky but I do enjoy what I do and hope you will to!

My streams will consist of a variety of games, I will from time to time change what I am playing unless there is something that is awesome and I feel like I should finish!

[Live Stream/Community Rules]

1. No racism or causing any problems
3. Please behave If I invite you to join in the game on stream or in voice chat
4. Don't spam the live stream chat
5. Please don't promote your stream or other streams unless given permission
6. Don't post spoilers
7. NO RP/ERP within the live stream chat
8. Don't post links unless given permission
[Other cool streamers you probably should check out]

RestoreLife61 [my best friend, very awesome person, also lots of energy] -

BarrenWolfsbane [a tiny ball of hyperness] -
[Command list]

!commands - Gives a list of popular commands.
!uptime - Shows how long I have been streaming live.
!game - Mentions the current game I am playing.
!discord - Shows discord server invite link.
!curtime - Links to a website showing my current time.
!twitter - Gives a link to my Twitter that you should follow. :P
[Social Media]

I will make sure to post every time I am going live, within the Discord server and on Twitter as well so everyone knows if I will be on or when I will be.

For those who want to keep up with the latest news and events please follow me on Twitter and or join the community Discord server.

Virtually United Community Discord Server -
Twitter -
[Direct Donation Link]

You don't have to donate this way, this is for those who wish to directly support and help the stream without needing to buy Lino.
Updates being worked on
Some time in the near future I plan on making the panels into something better and more useful, I kinda forgot about them till now.