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Hello! First of all.. THANK YOU for coming here to my new dlive channel!

I am a father of my 13 year old son living in the mountainous state of Idaho in the U.S.A.
My son I just mentioned.. His name is "Christian" and he can be found HERE:

I have been an avid video game fan pretty much my whole life since the days way back when the Atari 2600 was a new thing and only the "rich" people could afford that luxury, lol.

My favorite game currently: Dead By Daylight (has been my "go to" game since it launched in June of 2016). Over 3,200 hours of it, and I still love playing it!

My favorite game of all time: Asheron's Call easily! (launched in October 1999, was shut down in January of 2017) Love this amazing old school mmorpg. It was the best mmo ever, period! - No bias! ;-)

Check me out on my Youtube channel:
My Youtube channel has over 15,000 subscribers and is loaded with content! More than 2,800 videos with over 600 indie game first impressions reviews plus a whole lot more can be found there!

I am a self taught indie game developer as well and currently have Four games in Steam! Be sure you check them out!


MY GAMES ON STEAM: (Support me and get yourself a fun little retro style indie game that is 100% coded and crafted by me!

POGGERS: My own twist on the old school Frogger arcade hit!

FAN'CIE VEER! (Fish Are Nasty, Cake Is Excellent! Vektor Evading Emblazed Rapture): A unique space game where you must be the opposite color to shoot or crash through the asteroids!

LASER BALL: I've brought one of my favorite old type in Commodore 64 arcade games back in the 1980s to our times! Now with generator repairs and a need for crazy dodges to survive!

ROCK 'N ROLL: As a child, before my folks could afford any console or my eventual Commodore 64, Asteroids was the arcade game that ate all my quarters! This is my unique twist on old school Asteroids!


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RULES of my streams:

1) Don't be a douche. Common sense applies
2) No spamming or self promoting in my chat period.
3) Try and keep cursing to a minimum but neutral cursing is allowed. Don't insult me or other viewers!
4) Don't try and drive my car or my computer. Don't tell me what to play or "how" to play. If you want to play a game, go play it! ;-)
6) Don't talk trash about other streamers on ANY platform. Also keep all drama from other streamers chats out of my stream chat please.
7) DO NOT tell me or beg me for anything.. including opening the treasure chest. Again, this is my stream.. my car.. enjoy the ride!
8) Don't ask to be a moderator. If you want to be a moderator, please watch THIS VIDEO: -->
9) If you are banned by a moderator, email me at concerning the issue. DO NOT make new accounts to start drama here.
10) Lastly, just enjoy the stream please. Have fun but don't be a pain in the ass please.