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I recently did my 4 year BS in Computer Science and i posted all my written work on this page.

The courses like Financial Accounting, Automata etc which CS students study ... I made there proper written and posted them on my page.

Please check them out, they might be helpful for you.
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I push my coding work on the GitHub, I am currently doing some projects for my clients. After the delivery of the project i will push them on GitHub as well.

The recently project which i did for a LinkedIn based client from Canada is named Application Submission Form and its pushed on GitHub.

Please follow me there so you can see my commits on GitHub.
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I answered some questions and asked some questions on SO. Also when ever i face any problem which doesn't have any solution on Google I ask question on SO.

I also have a question with 11k views on Astronomy Stack Exchange;

Please Up-vote if you find any of my question or answer helpful.
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I have posted some videos on YouTube as well most of them are programming related. I have a video with 11k views.

I am planing to make some tutorials on YouTube.

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I am mostly not active on LinkedIn but you can contact me there as well.

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I don't past on Instagram because i don't like its feature to add a picture with every post.

Do i really look like a guy who take selfies.

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