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Hello Dlive,

I decided to stream cuz, i like to interact with different people and share my knowledge and passions.

my English is not the best so treat me gently :3

first of all I will start streaming with league of legends. After that when I guess the time is here I also start streaming with cam and talk about crypto, playing other games or just chatting with you. last but not least Im a german halfcast programmer :*

here ist one of my Games:


nostalgic Games:

League of Legends,
Animal Crossing Wild World,
Pokemon Diamond Edition,
Dragonball Budokai 3,
Dragonball Tenkaichi 3,
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4,
Zelda the minish cap,
Mario Kart and Mario Party for DS,
Pokemon red edition,

Favorite Animes:

Rosario to vampire,
Date a Life,
Death Note,
Black Bullet,
Steins Gate,
Guilty Crown,
Angel Beats,
and so much more c:
"I beg u guys please be nice to everyone cuz everyone have a heart that can be hurt...like YOU"

please be aware about the rules below

2. no racism, no offensive language
3. no negativ attitude and no verbal abuse
4. no self promo
5. just type if u know the input have good vibes.
6. for somone who won't accept this rules read the guidlines from dlive they will make this clear: ban, mutes etc.
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OS: Win 10
Motherboard: MSI MAG B460M MORTAR
CPU: i7-10700k
RAM: 64 GB
Resolution: 1920x1080
Graphics: RTX 3080
Space: Crucial 1TB SSD, Samsung 120 GB SSD, 2x M2 ssd 500GB and ssd 2TB
Mouse: Roccat Kone AIMO
Kayboard: Logitech G910
Headset: Steelseries Arctis 7
"the Wall of Fame is the wall with ppl that inspirate me"

- ARTIF4CT https://dlive.tv/ARTIF4CT
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- Mi https://dlive.tv/thatsmochi
- Kurtific https://dlive.tv/Kurtific
- Potato https://dlive.tv/PotatoSenpai93
- Followers : 48/100
- diamond at league of legends
- financial freedom
- geographical freedom(want to travel arround the world, okay not everywhere but to many locations)