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About Me
My name is Zherron Vorse. I have been gaming since I was a kid and have only recently started streaming. I don't change games much and only play 4 games constantly. The reason for this is so I can become extremely good at all of them. I am especially good at Sea of Thieves and Dead by Daylight and I specialize in a stealth play style in any game I play.
Go to my YouTube to see montages I made as well as some of my best tricks I have done.

Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves is the main game I play. I am an obsessed PvP player who strives to outplay anyone even if they are better than me by stealth and trickery. I am a better fighter than a large portion of the player base and am one of the best stealth players there is.

I am an Officer of the Cutthroat Pirates' fleet and helped train multiple people in the art of deception.
Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight is one of my more violent games I go to play. When I am playing this I am playing for one thing, blood. If I am in the mood for this game rest assured there will be a slaughter unlike anything you have ever seen. I am a Ghost Face and Myers main and rarely play survivor unless I have friends wanting to play with me.

I have a 5 star Killer's Guide on how to play each killer as well as have been featured in a Developer's stream in one of their art panels for my Leg Day Wraith picture.

League of Legends
League of Legends was the reason I got into computer games and really helped shape me into a tryhard PvP player. It taught me how abrasive the online community can be and I embraced their hate and became a Teemo main. I am a Silver 3 Player but haven't made much of an effort to climb the ranked ladder because I am perfectly content in annoying people in blind pick queues.
Minecraft is the game I go to when I wanna express my more creative side or just relax and listen to the soothing soundtrack while I explore the world. I am a decent builder but nothing crazy fancy like the stuff you can find online. Additionally I enjoy hunting mobs and trying to capture them to put them on display. I only play survival however, we allow duplication glitch use in our world and I have no shame using it. I have beaten the game multiple times on hard before and now just want to enjoy the game however I want.