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Don't be racist, sexist, or any other form of prejudice. That will result in an instant ban!

Political talk of any kind is not allowed. Keep your views to yourself, it does nothing but start arguments. Failure to heed this warning will result in a ban.

Trash talk is acceptable, however, to a respectable degree. If you have to question whether or not you should say it, it probably shouldn't be said.
Monday-Wednesday: Pokemon: Blue Kaizo Hack
7 dayz a week dependent on work and other things. Tryina go full time 7 days a week on here! Taking suggestions on games as well!
Yo, I'm Ziggz. I am your typical friendly stoner who likes to play survival games. Join me as we bs through even our game lives. I love to meet new people, so come in and say hi! My dream job is to go full time streaming and be able to spend more time with my wife and children, as well as give back to everyone that helps my channel grow who might be less fortunate than others!
We are a 420 friendly streaming community, so feel free to drop in and smoke up with me and whoever else is with me. That's what we do here, we smoke, we game, we talk shit. Most of all we try and enjoy whatever it is we are doing. Tempers may flare, but in the end we are all here to have fun!
Yo, wanna join the Treehouse and meet some cool new people? Everyone is accepted here, we just ask that you not get too butthurt or take anything personally. This is positively the most trash talking place here. We do have limits, however, don't just bash one person. We spread the hate equally here! Click the pic to get started!
Thinking about making a donation? It's much appreciated, and will go towards creating new content for everyone to enjoy. We try and put everything back into our community for discord goodies and other things. Click the pic for a direct link!
We officially have a working Fivem server, Stoner Dayz RP. That being said, it is functional and joinable, not really up and fully running. It is in pre-alpha stage, and we need people to test! If you are interested, see the giant Treehouse on this page and request the Fivem role from Admin when you get in!
Want to get some special channel emotes? Click on the pic above to install the tidylabs emotes.