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I'm Zippy and I want to welcome you and also thank you for visiting my channel!

About me:
I joined Dlive on Feb 27th, 2019 and from what I have seen, this community is absolutely awesome! I am soon to be a streamer here as soon as I have all the equipment ready! I am mainly a Console player, PS4 to be exact, but do have a good PC as well and will use it periodically. I am a pretty laid back gamer but will have certain times of pure insanity that I hope you all grow to love rather than find annoying haha! I try to keep the offensive humor to a low but sometimes it will come out and I hope you are willing to put up with it, I mean no harm by the things I say and if you do feel I say something extreme I due truly apologize for it. I have a bit of a speech problem at times to include stuttering, mixing up my words in sentences, totally pausing mid sentence, that kind of stuff. I try my best to not let it define who I am and I have gotten better with it! So please bear with me for the times they do get the best of me :). I work in the U.S. Air Force so certain things may cause my streams to be delayed or on hold for certain periods of time. My stream times will fluctuate as my career goes on as my works shifts change periodically. Keep in mind I have little to no past experience of being a streamer / content creator so please bare with me as I learn!

As of right now my work schedule is changing drastically almost every day so I do not have a set streaming schedule.
Stream times will fluctuate due to personal life events and other circumstances, but I'll make sure to keep everyone in the loop!

Content I plan on streaming!
Apex Legends
Other Games on the rise
VR Gaming
Content that you, the fans, recommend me trying out!
Just chatting with all of you to get to know ya'll and to have a good time together.

As we grow together I'll make sure to add on to that list and make sure the quality of streams only get better! If you have any advice for me on my gaming skills, commentary, or other helpful tips you think of, please let me know! I will find no harm in it and would love any kind of input! Any kind of insult towards me or the viewers will not be tolerated and will result in a warning followed by a ban from chat if it continues. Thank you again for stopping by and I hope to entertain you to the fullest!

Please do not spam the commands! :)