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aBaddOn Podcast * 24/7 Live Adult Reality Show
(Music Documentary)

*DISCLAIMER* - I am not responsible if my Acting Skills Causes you to think I actually endorse or believe in what I am Rapping or Acting About. By Viewing or Listening to aBaddOn you Agree to be an Adult or have "Adult Intelligence Permission" to know the difference between "Great Acting" and "Professional Stingy Non Financial Support of Stolen Entertainment" on your part.

* Please Donate.

aBaddOn is like PBS; Viewer Financial Support allows me to exist
i am a 24/7 Live Uncensored Adult Reality Show Podcast.

... a 24/7 Live and Uncensored Documentation of My Life;
with the ability to Monetize or get paid from advertisers Like
the Radio Advertises Howard Stern Sirius XM Satellite Radios
Hollwood's Private Parts PornHub.com Advertises
Fake Penis Dildoes and Fake Vagina Sex Cartoons

Without Viewer Donations i am working for FREE; a modern day Slave :(..
*Your Donations allow me to continue working and I pray it will bless Freedom of Speec for Adult Intelligence everywhere!

*Please Donate Anonymously at My Official aBaddOn PayPal.com or Patreon link ...
* https://www.paypal.me/aBaddOnDajjal
* https://www.patreon.com/aBaddOnDajjal

* aBaddOn is my 24/7 Live Reality Show a.k.a. My Music Documentary where i use many Fake Comedian Acting Personalities that insults everything and i also use many Mocking Charming Personalities to document my quest to help advocate for all Mother Earth, Music, Artist, and Content Creators on All Platforms to have the option to make money from advertising.

* Chaturbate - Abaddondajjal's Cam:

* Hello, My "1st legal birth name" is Christian Moises Gonzalez.
My Social Security Number is 465-69-5015

* I have secretly been chosen Not by Not Mel Gibson to Star in "The Passion Of The Christ Sequel" a Film Not By Not Mel Gibson
"The Anti-Christ" is the Character i was Directed to "Stay in Character" for "24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week"

* After my mom Sandra "Not Mel Gibson" Gonzalez failed to be Ransomed;
She was sold as a sex slave and my last name was forcibly changed to "franco"

* My Artist Name is aBaddOn
Dajjal You Can Call Me Any Fucken Name You Want!

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*April 30,2019 - 1st Draft
*May 09, 2019 - 2nd Draft
*July 27, 2019 - 3rd Draft

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* http://DLive.TV/aBaddOnDajjal - ("REPLAY" TAB)
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*Special Shouts Out to Our Freedom Pioneer Forfathers, "Howard Stern" and his Hollywood Private Parts Cast!
*Shouts Outs to Sirius XM Satellite internet adult Radio and their supporters!
*Shouts Out to all the real People who don't need to make Mother Earth or it's substances and speech illegal or censored in order to Oppress Others!

Freedom = Truth. Truth = Freedom. The truth will make you Free!
I have a 24/7 Live Audio Video Podcast, Do You? What Are you hiding?

*From 2012 - 2017 I was living and teaching in Shanghai China. I am a Professional Teacher with 5 years of paid Experience. I teach Cambridge Curriculum Science, High School Geometry Math, College Business English and ESL. https://www.facebook.com/abaddon.christianmoise€s.f ...

I took a break from my Teaching Career to advocate for Mother Earth for Human Rights. With the help of my Mom Sandra Franco Gonzales; i also Created and published a few books on Amazon; "Mom Bakes Hers First 80 Cakes" and "Mama Hornea Sus First 80 Pasteles" available at www.patreon.com/aBaddonDajjal

Whether i am a Professional Rapper or Teacher... a Comedian Actor or a Podcast Radio Personality... i am who i am; i am who i dont give up being; time after time after time after time.

i am aBaddOn; the Poster Child for "The Way of The Future of All Social Media"
I am aBaddOn; "Uncensored 24/7 Live Reality Show Podcast"
I am aBaddOn; "New Age Entertainment Media"

FaceBook and YouTube and CCTV WalMart already has 24/7 Live Audio Video Channels; not too mention what naked Offensive Adult People already get paid to do and say.

One of the main goals of mine is to help others who use Social Media be Aware of the fact that all of us have Already been spied on 24/7 by various devices and surveillance system; Gang Stalking or 5G is now common use in Mafias and Corrupt Officials