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<+>A little about me:
Hello there! I'm Jeremy, though most people just call me 'Muffin' or 'OOvle', as they are my screen names I use most. I've grown up playing games as a military brat. I've been all over the US, as well as to south Korea for 1 year, and Japan for 2.5 years. I'm currently 20 and 6' tall. I enjoy meeting anyone and everyone so please don't be afraid to say hi! If I'm ever playing a multiplayer game, @ me and ask to join- The more the merrier!

<+>Chat rules:
-Absolutely no racial slurs. Please.
-Be respectable.
-Keep the swearing to a minimum. I get that you are likely not christian like me, but please contain yourself. :x
-Do not spam.
-Do not post lewd stickers.
-No follow 4 follow, "Follow me" stickers, or self promotion. Talking about what you do when you're asked is fine though. :)
-Have fun! :D

<+>When, What, & How long:
-While I don't really have a schedule, You will (almost) never see me stream on Sundays and Wednesdays. Otherwise, you might see me any other day of the week! :D
-I don't play any one game a ton, as I'm a variety streamer. I like exploring the different games and seeing what unique stories have been made over the years. If I had to pick a favorite game right now, it'd be 'Osu!'. ( )
-I try to stream at least 3 hours. The only reason the stream would be shorter is cause either technical difficulties or real life decides to kick me in the butt... :/

<+>Speedruns (PB's):
-Jet Island
-+0% - 18m52s
-+All Kills - 46m01s
-+Any% Easy - 24m38s
-Super Monkey Ball
-+Advanced - 4m27.13s
-+Advanced-Extra - 6m44.84s

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