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Nice to meet you / About me //
Hi everyone! My name is Abigail.
I hope you all enjoy my stream if you did, do give a follow as I have so much fun streaming and chatting with everyone for you to watch and enjoy. If you have any questions for me, want to start a conversation or even have any game recommendations let me know. if you want to collab or just play a game with me just drop me a message. Please feel free to request songs if that makes you happy!

I am twenty years of age, studying Wildlife and Countryside Management also known as Environmental Science, which I will be done within two months time and then I can hope to start my journey in achieving my dream job to become a Ranger. I can identify all different kinds of plant and fungi species within the United Kingdom and also have a lot of other information about nature, animals and plants, so if you ever want to strike a conversation about this or have any questions... well.. that is the point of this stream, to have many interesting conversations.

Some tiny deets about me include; I can't go an hour without drinking a tea or a hot chocolate, mainly tea ;D Also I rather enjoy looking after animals such as my pet snake called Nausicaa who I adopted over a year ago (she's nine years old) and my little ham Faë N'Tein. During the winter I also take in hedgehogs that I treat with medicines for problems that they come across like lungworm, as well as removing parasites and fattening them up in order to survive through winter, I have been doing this since I was eight and haven't stopped since with help from my mother. In my past time, I sketch a lot on anything I can find, I wouldn't say that I am an artist or anything, I just enjoy the moments I have of drawing and for that I am proud of what I create, other than that you can find me watching 80s movies especially ones directed by John Carpenter or reading a natural history book.

So grab a cup of hot chocolate or tea and relax with this stream. Stay Cozy!X
When do I stream?//
I try to stream once or twice a week on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, however there are times when I will be able to stream more <3 Love chatting with you guys ! X
Let's get social//
Discord: .
Want to make a donation?//
At the moment, I only accept DLIVE donations as I want to fully support the platform :)
I fully appreciate every donation that is made I value every one of you :D <3