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About Me
Honestly I'm just someone who loves gaming as a hobby & felt like giving streaming a try for the hell of it. When I get the chance that is

Oh & the random images in the panels are that. Random images
Where To Reach Me
Feel like seeing what I have to say or think I'm so sexy that you need to stalk me? No worries, I use alt tech to promote my stuff & right now I can be found easily on Parler & GAB

Not MINDS right now. Still don't know why they banned or why they won't let appeal to get my account back!?
I Make Videos
I primarily do game & movie reviews though thanks to 2020, my output has been reduced to near non existence. If you wanna check them out I put my videos on YouTube, BitChute & Odysee
I'm Also An Author
I'm also an author who mainly writes in the horror genre. If you're looking for a good read with something inspired by the works of Lovecraft then feel free to take a look, ebooks Amazon with paperbacks on Lulu