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Author Joe Holt
Aloha all. My name is Joe and I am a variety streamer. The word Author means that I write books for a living, and I have written 10 books to date. You can find them on your local Amazon in paperback and Apple Audio Books IBooks as well as on Kindle.

If you would like to hear one of my radio interviews, the link is below. It was with Dan Deebs on a radio station in Montrose, Co. in 2017.

I am most well known for my Live Podcast entitled "Fireside Chats with Author Joe Holt". Usually these are done on Sundays, but if a streamer can't make that day, i make exceptions. I welcome any streamer on dLive to join me for a basic Q&A segment that will allow their viewers to get to know them on a more personal level. I will be posting these videos on my youtube account for future viewing, and to save these individuals amazing lives and stories.

Why you might want to watch my channel live:

I have lived many lives in my 40 years on this planet. From foster care, to the military, with many physical and mental injuries, and beyond, I have learned to see the beauty in the human-condition. I am also autistic (Aspie) and enjoy taking things apart, and sometimes even putting them back together.

I am streaming because I would like to build a community of like minded people, who would like to interact on a daily basis. I only promote good vibes, and will not tolerate any hate. I have a Ban-Hammer, and am not afraid to use it. If you want a safe place to chill out and chat, with a few jokes, stories, and games thrown in for good measure, then I am your guy.

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Aloha Friends,
Until we meet again.
Author Joe Holt

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