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With understanding comes meaning & with meaning comes purpose!

With TOTALLY CLEAN COMMUNICATIONS FOR THE ENTIRE ONLINE WOLRD COMES,.. my respect but without that; you are all nothing to me. We can do nothing if you don't fix your mic tech; it's outright abusive & the entire industry as well as the consumers should be ashamed of themselves. You get nothing more of value from me until u get your shit together. Stop wasting our time & destroying our basic "human needs". We all know that the mic tech that is pumped so very hard, into the market is nothing more than abusive corporate spycraft & an ecological disaster. Those companies should be charged with crimes against humanity & burned to the ground. NO MERCY! NEVER AGAIN DO WE LET CORPORATIONS ABUSIVELY MURDER OUR LIVES VIA WASTING OUR TIME WITH QA/UI tester enslavement... give them no feedback until they adhere to basic human needs & common fucking sense... u "fellow humans" need to wake the fuck up.

You all infantile pants shitters. No doubt.

The entire world needs to hand me the keys before they all murder their own children's future; like my parent & grandparents did to me... like all u infants do to me currently, by wasting my time & terrorizing me with insane levels of redundancy.

What is the point of coding again? u fucking morons.

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Like Bear Grylls, nothing is wasted!
When life gives you lemons? You drink it down & use it as fuel!

We use that fuel to patch our crumbling biosphere/society... Doubt any of this is worth attempting but what else was I going to do?

If someone actually paid me what I was worth I would run a tech company or found & run something of which set much higher standards in every way.

Anything other than running shit, will not do for the likes of me & I am not steering u infantile tech companies from a poached position anymore. You get no more feedback from me. Pay me or I won't speak to you or anyone else; period. I am not ur slave. I am not a tampon. I will not be trivialized or dehumanized by greedy infants with zero respect.

Keep investing in liars, fools & myopic "BIG TECH" while I am forced to sit back & watch it all burn? Great plan idiots.
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Influenzcar's Crew DISCORD

I will not answer u in the stream or in the discord. Redundancy!? I choose an echo chamber. ur all lucky I even let u listen for a second. Fix your mics; no more pencil tapping annoyance.. ur all rude and lazy. shame onj the entire industry & give me the keys, u pathetic myopic fucking infantile puppies who piss on the floor.

I am going to burn the entire tech industry to the ground with nothing but memes bcz these fucking infantile idiots destroyed my life & continue to do so... their bottom line & reps will suffer damages the likes they can't even imagine.

3 fold rule on the murder of my potential by the hands of big tech. I fucking hate every last one of u. Ever person I have ever spoken to has murdered my entire life by wasting my time and treating me like a tampon; u will all fucking pay, one way or another.

Now I refuse to socialize.

All u will get is a front row seat to me ripping u all new assholes, intellectually speaking, while refusing to be derailed by u or ur sociopathic nightmare children.

Every pant shitting conformist & every simpleton,.. every intellectual, politician as well as the tech industry/capitalism in general are going to be outed for their disgraceful presumptuous approach to "life".

The shame will choke the life out all of u.

You all will do what I tell you bcz you will have no choice. I promise you that. There is nothing you can do other then do what intelligence and logic demands,.. biology won't let you all be this murderously wasteful; I promise you that.

Logic rules us all & u r all murders by wasting ppl's time. Time theft = murdering potential.

Every tech company and educator is a murderer right now.. they best adhere. Get in my tool belt u fucking piece of shit wastes of existence.

you don't know what ur doing; admit it.

I do know.. get the fuck out of my way alrdy.

Or what? u keep doing the same stupid shit and keep burning the world to the ground while blaming me for pointing it out!?

Time to do different; obviously... & that is me.

nope.. whatever ur thinking of which attempts to deflect away from anything I have said... fuck you; stfu. gtfo of my way. gtfo of ur own way. change is required; empower me or u are part of the problem.