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A madman from Australia who just started streaming since July 2020.

I only speak English so please try to keep chat in English, excessively spamming phrases in languages I don't understand will result in bans.

Don't demand chest openings, I will do so periodically at my own discretion.

No follow for follow at all!

Stream VODS here and on Youtube:
I don't treat streaming as a full time job and I'm still looking for stable work.
Any support is much appreciated but be aware that all donations are non-refundable. Thanks for the support!
Who is even you?
I'm a new streamer from Australia.

How old are you?
I'm 100.

Why are you streaming?
I've always wanted to live stream but Australian internet sucks.

What platforms do you play on?
Besides my PC, I own a PS3 & PS4.

Do you have anything else besides streaming?
I upload youtube videos, though its only travel vlogs for now.

Why are you a loser?
no u.

What is your ethnicity?

Favourite game franchise?
Souls|borne & Apex Legends
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#U.S Times:
7AM Central
5AM Pacific

#AUS Times:

Not a strict schedule but I will announce any changes on twitter.