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Heya and hello there! It's Bexsie, sometimes called Bexs and Nerdsie (thanks to StoneRaven :P)
I'm currently 29 and live in England. My first ever proper gaming experience was World of Warcraft. I like playing games for fun although I'm not the best (have you seen my driving in GTA-V?) but I have fun and I love it.
I am certainly not the most PG even though I try to be. I play a variety of games on PC and some on the PlayStation 4.
I have been streaming for over 2 years, since the 13th May 2018 on YouTube so just sit back, relax, and bring some popcorn and maybe salt?
1: Do not be disrespectful or prejudice.
2: Bad language is permitted, but not directed at anyone as part of attacks.
3: Type in English only.
4: Do not ask to be a moderator.
5. Respect my Moderators as I trust them very much.
6. Please keep sticker usage for the start, the breaks, and the end (unless otherwise stated allowed).
Breaking rules results in firstly a warning, secondly a time out, and lastly a ban.
Tinksie? I have crypto-currencies?

Bitcoin Address: bc1q29llcj8z56s0z86hwpdske9jtlu63zs4sa0whe
Ethereum Address: 0xc41072c70ca14143e97f027547da50d42284f8df
BitTorrent Address: TXyTVrEkoAxsAr4bY3DiNdmwMNBr5oVkXD
Hmmm... There's some magic in this link.
Amazon Wish List coming soon.

When it's up and running, I certainly will be adding a brand spanking new top of the range graphics card to this!
Computer Specifications:
CPU: Intel 7700k
RAM: 16GB 4096mhz.
GPU: NVidea 750 TI / Quatro M4000 (SLI)
CAM: Logitec C920.
MIC: Blue Snowball.
Coming Soon:
A better graphics card.
Olympus EM5ii + lenses.
To join the Minecraft Server, you will need to join the Discord Server linked below so that we get to know you more.
For all the Game-Hype news and reviews.
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Huh? This link is now clickable?
I'm finally on Facebook! Click above to join.
If you would like to place an advert here, contact Tinksie for prices. They're really REALLY good prices and will get a mention in live streams also.