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Im a very honest person and nice please respect me and my feelings on my panel if you start any drama you will be ask to stop and I not you will be warned and then after that one of my Moderators will give you a time out and if it continues you will be muted and no longer allowed back in my chat my God bless you and have a wonderful day thanks
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Hi everyone these are the rules of Channel
1. Be respectful to each other
2. Be respectful of my moderators
3. Be respectful to my Guests at all times
4. Please do not attack anyone
5. No name calling
6. If you can not participate in a respectful manor please join another stream
7. No self promo or follow for follow
8. You will be given one warning, you will be timed out if you cannot respect the rules you will be muted some warnings will not be given for violations
9. English only chat
10. No asking for the chest to be opened one can ruin it for all***