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After a long battle and a hardfork, Steemit has forked to Hive. While I prefer Hive to Steemit, I will currently support both as both are still backed by cryptocurrency

What is Hive?? Hive is a blogging and social networking platform that is backed by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It uses an upvoting system that is similar to Reddit but commenters get paid for their original quality content. As a reward, curators (uypvoters) also get paid for curating quality content. You can also make money if your comment on someone elses post gets upvoted. It is free to join and it is backed by a cryptocurrency (like bitcoin).
Playing games, crypto talk and Streaming for Crypto's!
Streaming to the blockchain is my thing
NFT Giveaways are inevitable.
I work for a Concrete service during the day and operate my own company at night, a DD service where I drive folks home in their vehicle from the bar so they don't have to leave their car behind.

This effectively leaves a very short, window to truly stream uninterrupted.

This is typically between 6 PM PST and 8 PM PST, however, sticking to such a schedule while also having a day job and night job it may be difficult so I'll stream when I can.
Gaming PC:
Processor: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12400 2.50 GHz
RAM: 16.0 GB
Windows 10 64-bit
500 GB SSD
GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
MSI 24" Gaming Monitor
Play Splinterlands! Was once "Steem Monsters" has been rebranded and better than ever! A collectible card game on the Hive Blockchain! Click the image to get started!
Bitcoin: bc1qq0sd5t3k5graee4pp9ksmz64c3wgclpzh2rvtv

Ethereum: 0x3Ea8147DAbfe6818B0F8C1f8d756F4Ad20321A65
- Chainlink: 0x3Ea8147DAbfe6818B0F8C1f8d756F4Ad20321A65
- USD Coin: 0x3Ea8147DAbfe6818B0F8C1f8d756F4Ad20321A65
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- Any ethereum token that uses the same address as ethereum: 0x3Ea8147DAbfe6818B0F8C1f8d756F4Ad20321A65

Polygon: 0x3Ea8147DAbfe6818B0F8C1f8d756F4Ad20321A65

BSC: 0x3Ea8147DAbfe6818B0F8C1f8d756F4Ad20321A65

Litecoin: LMkfVzjcmGevipjMoAdUtMfGKRkUV1nVq9

Bitcoin Cash: qr6mr4mx4xr5umv6ae4u2u7a0vjytnjln5lafwcrsq

Bitcoin SV: 15CNYxkXXnpBzJj9Xy3Z85KbFL37RbsYMr

Dogecoin: DRSEnHEhXjjVo2q1nzRyy472MsZnDkLKZW


Cosmos: cosmos1kvhcg26l64m4ae6fjsggutjwefjve90fzrgqth

Cardano: addr1q85gxnuamzc32888dxn5nkxgncg75u2nyjccnw7sg6ems2hgsd8emk93z5www6d8f8vv38s3afc4xf933xaaq34nhq4q8z33yj

Zilliqa: zil19h7hugfqgtm4u25gkj6nd7hrs0hftjqgq9ka3j

BAT: Via Brave Browser or, if you insist:0xDA4032dBDE548807dc554ecbf67C03Bb66d4556f

- I accept pretty much any cryptocurrency and have a wallet for virtually all of them. If you have a crypto you would like to donate, please let me know and I'll happily add the address to this list for you.
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I am a dad, a friend and a human being. A Blockchain Gamer. I consider myself decent until someone is being indecent. I am a variety streamer! I am not sure how long I will stream.

Bitcoin, Dash, Steem and Ethereum donations are happily accepted. Frankly, any crypto will do if you're into it! I am a bitcoin enthusiast, and I put focus on a business that serves my community (Driving people home from the bar in their vehicles). It is growing and requires my attention.

When things happen they happen at precisely the right time so even random events are perfect in nature. Some seemingly random events are not so random.
Follow Proper Stream Etiquette (FPSE)

Lastly, enjoy yourself. Be happy and talk about anything you want within reason. Control yourself.