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Author of Before You Fall: A Book On Pride. Host of Best Of 5 On Dlive. Born in Seattle, Washington, I now live in Japan with my wife, working on my life goals of starting a family and keeping my own Pride in check.

Chat is what makes streaming more fun, so please check out my chat rules and chime in with any thoughts and questions for me when you get 'em.

For more info on what I'm all about, check out:
📌 My Discord 📌
📌 My Book 📌
📌 My Videos 📌
📌 My Website 📌
📌Best of 5 on Dlive Gameshow📌

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6e4JoQTDvo )
📌 Rules of chat 📌

My ideal chat is working together to make great memes, laughs, and have fun. So here are my basic thoughts on chat rules:

★1★ Criticism or an occasional negative comment is fine if you also give an idea on how to improve what you are criticizing, or provide a solid reason for your scary scary hurtful frightening words.

★2★ Let's generally try to keep chat subjects away from politics. My only firm political stance is that I hate political correctness with a passion.

★3★ I will attempt to answer any question you have for me, but I have the right to ignore or change topics at any time.

★4★ Don't be a real jerk!

★4a★ Occasionally being a fake jerk is fine as long as you aren't going 100% troll with personal attacks/threats and are really just trying to make everyone laugh.

Thanks for watching!
I'm rewarding my viewers by streaming with: https://get.incent.com/

Feel free to ask me about it if you are curious.
Jedi Knight Sub Perks:

-Entry into EVERY giveaway on channel (giveaways at least once a week)

-Every 10 lemons donated from a subscriber, BK will add 1 lemon to the chest

-Bonus beskar each month subbed

-Earn 3x the beskar as a viewer

-Help choose who BK hosts

-Subscriber Sunday Clout

-Get a sub badge to show your support

-Immune to chatroom slow-mode

-Unlock subscriber-only emotes


THANK YOU so much for your support!

And may the force be with you, always.
Every 10 minutes, 10 beskar ingots are given to active viewers. If you are a subscriber of the channel, you receive 30 beskar ingots instead of 10.

Bonus Beskar:

You earn 50 beskar ingots when you:
Answer the daily chat question/theme (once per stream/day)

You earn 300 beskar ingots when you:
Host BK's channel (once per stream/day)

You earn 500 beskar ingots when you:
Subscribe 1 month to channel or gift a 1 month sub

You earn 500 beskar ingots when you:
Are the top 3 contributors of the stream.
(once per stream/day)

You earn 1000 beskar ingots when you:
Guest on BK's livestream
(minimum of 15 minutes on as a guest)

You earn 1000 beskar ingots when you:
Send a Ninjaghini to channel

You earn 2000 beskar ingots when you:
Be a contestant on Best of 5 on Dlive

You earn 10000 beskar ingots when you:
Send a Ninjet to channel
Free commands
!dice # - random number generator
!8ball - ask a question
!beskar - check Beskar Ingots

20 Beskar Ingot Commands

10 Beskar Ingot Commands

Sub-only 50 Beskar Ingot Commands
For CoinCaptain:

For Gil_P:

CoinCaptain only:

*NOTE*: Subscribers receive 3x Beskar Ingots when distributed.
10 Beskar commands are on a 20 sec cooldown. 20+ Beskar commands are on a 40 second cooldown.

Current Stream Schedule:
Sat-Sun, Mon-Thurs: 9PM EST start time

Stream theme:
Sundays - Subscriber Sunday (Giveaway)
Mondays - Me-Day Monday (No Stream)
Tuesdays - Tone-deaf Tuesday (Karaoke)
Wednesdays - Weeaboo Wednesday (Japan)
Thursdays - Thank you Thursday (Gratitude)
Friday - Freetime Friday (No Stream)
Saturdays - Sexy Saturday (Broken Flower)

Currently Playing: Star Wars Battlefront 2, Path Of Exile, Fortnite, Rocket League, Star Wars Squadrons, Clash Royale.

To see some of my past livestreams you can go to: https://www.twitch.tv/bkjohnsen/videos
Trilogy is: BKjohnsen , Gil_P , & TheCoinCaptain

Check out and follow @ dlive.tv/thetrilogyshow

Sunday nights 23:00 Pacific (USA) Time
Monday afternoon 15:00 Japan Time
Monday evening 17:00 Australian Eastern Time
Monday morning 06:00 UTC
☆Follower Goals☆
✓💮 200 followers (12/5/2020) 💮
✓💮24 hour stream (12/20/2020) 💮

✓💮 500 followers (4/4/2021)💮
Trampoline/workout/dance stream (tbd)
✓💮1100 lemons giveaway (4/4/2021)

7hr cosplay stream + 2000 lemons giveaway
24hr charity stream +
Send a handwritten thank-you letter to 27 followers/subscribers + 3500 lemons giveaway

☆Subscriber Goals☆
✓💮 12 subscribers (12/27/2020) 💮
✓💮50,000 BTT sub-only giveaway (12/27/2020) 💮

✓💮 25 subscribers (01/08/2021)💮
✓💮100,000 BTT sub-only giveaway (01/08/2021)💮

✓💮50 subscribers (02/19/2021) 💮
5700 lemons sub-only giveaway (02/19/2021)
24hr charity stream (03/05/2021)

🈺 100 subscribers🈺
???? + 24hr cosplay charity stream + 6000 lemons sub-only giveaway
🈺 150 subscribers🈺
Send a handwritten thank-you letter and a small Japanese gift to ALL my subscribers + 7500 lemons sub-only giveaway
Channel Firsts:

First Follow: BillGates (8/08/2020)
First Lemon: thatsmochi (8/09/2020)
First Ice Cream: thatsmochi (8/17/2020)

First 3x Diamonds:
1. thatsmochi (8/17/2020)
2. AlienWizardHybrid369 (8/19/2020)
3. Singular.Infinity (8/22/2020)

First 3x Ninjaghinis:
1. Artipeng (8/25/2020)
2. AlienWizardHybrid369 (10/02/2020)
3. Captain_Morgana (11/26/2020)

First 3x Ninjet:
1. kickingsaturday (03/05/2021)
2. ??
3. ??

First 3x Subs:
1. AlienWizardHybrid369 (12/24/2020)
2. Singular.Infinity (12/24/2020)
3. KellySkaggs (12/24/2020)

First 3x Gifted Subs: AlienWizardHybrid369 to:
1. Waldo89 (12/24/2020)
2. FallenAngel1 (12/24/2020)
3. Captain_Morgana (12/24/2020)

THANK YOU so much for all your support!
Audience rewards program:

There will be a total of 5 games played.

-Before each game, the audience is polled for which team they think will win.

-If poll is correct, the higher chance for more lemons put into chest.

-The audience may also use !beskar commands before each round for a chance to raise the amount of lemons added to the chest.

-7+ Subscriptions to channel will boost the game 5 chest bonus

Chest Bonuses for each game:
Game 1: up to 100/50 lemons added to chest
Game 2: up to 60/30 lemons added to chest + Open chest
Game 3: up to 100/50 lemons added to chest
Game 4: up to 60/30 lemons added to chest + Open chest
Game 5: up to 200/100 lemons added to chest + Open chest

*Game 5 Subscriber Bonuses!*
If there have been 7+ subscriptions during the show before Game 5 ends,
up to 700/400 lemons will be added to chest before opening.

If 10+ subs, up to 1000/500 lemons
If 14+ subs, up to 2000/1000 lemons
If 21+ subs, up to 3000/1500 lemons
If 28+ subs, up to 5000/2500 lemons
If 35+ subs, up to 7000/3500 lemons

*Gameshow Records*
Biggest Chest:
3050 lemons chest (04/15/2021)

Most Subs in one show:
22 subs (04/09/2021)

Most lemons from chests in one show:
Bonus chest: 700 lemons
1st chest: 194 lemons
2nd chest: 188 lemons
3rd chest: 3050 lemons
Total: 4132 lemons

Upcoming Season 2 Match-ups:
Tuesday April 20th, 8pm(PST) GigglePickles vs. TheCoinCaptain (Wed 4/21 3am UTC)
Wednesday April 21st, 630pm(PST) RAHerald vs. ELFSAR (Thurs 4/22 130am UTC)
Thursday April 22nd, 5pm(PST) Doomwave vs. Gil_P (Fri 4/23 12am UTC)
Tuesday April 27th, 2am(PST) lindznjohnparanormal vs. ShiftTitanTV (9am UTC)
ALL VIEWERS Gameshow commands:

200 beskar commands
!call - if poll correct, add 5 lemons to chest
!fold - if poll incorrect, add 5 lemons to chest

50 beskar commands
!wahwah - Sympathize with contestants "wah wah waaah..."
!woo - Cheer the contestants on. "Wooo!"

SUBSCRIBERS ONLY Gameshow commands:

2500 beskar
!justdance - 30 sec dance party (If a contestant dances too, they get 500 beskar each. 10 minute cooldown)

2000 beskar
!MUTV - Take a 2 min break to watch a twerking panda

1000 beskar
!allin - if poll correct, add 50 lemons to chest

500 beskar
!doubledown - if poll correct, roll dice 2x and take higher value
!insurance - if poll incorrect, roll dice 2x and take higher value

300 beskar
!passline - if poll correct, add 10 lemons to chest
!dontpass - if poll incorrect, add 10 lemons to chest

*WARNING* - The following two commands can only be done when those games are active! NO beskar refunds.

700 beskar
!google - Send word to BK on private msg discord
!amazon - Send link to BK on private msg discord

BK Johnsen's Discord: https://discord.gg/BPfda8ggPu
If you wish to support me directly, you can donate by paypal through clicking the "donations" banner above, or the following link:

Thank you SO MUCH for your support!