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⭐ About Me! ⭐

Hey my name's Brendan and I've been streaming on Dlive for about a year. I'm a variety streamer, and usually play Nintendo and Xbox games.

I like to challenge myself as well so most games I play are on the hardest difficulty, to make things more exciting!

I'm also a fan of collectathon games which is why I do a lot of shiny hunting in Pokemon Games. My goal right now is to get a shiny living dex of all Star and Square Shiny Pokemon.

Feel free to talk in chat, I always enjoy talking to people while playing games!

⭐ Rules in Chat ⭐

- Don't be a dick
- English Only
- No Spamming Stickers
- Don't ask to Open Chest
- Chest Opens When it Reaches 100 Lemons

Feel free to Follow me on Twitter for when I start streams!
✨Poké Coins! ✨

Poké Coins are my channels currency. Every 10 Minutes if you've interacted in chat you will get:

✨ 25 Poké Coins or
✨ 50 Poké Coins if you are a Subscriber

Other ways of receiving Poké Coins:

✨ 50 Poké Coins Per Follow
✨ 250 Poké Coins Per Sub
✨1 Poké Coin Per 1 Lemon for each donation of 10 Lemons or above. Ex: 1 Diamond = 100 Poké Coins

✨!pokecoins in chat to see how many you have!✨

⭐Disclaimer: For me to be able to give you Poké Coins, the 10 Minute Interval system needs to have distrubuted points. The system is still in alpha so just type anything in chat.⭐

✨Redeeming Poké Coins!✨

You can redeem Poké Coins for various rewards so far the rewards are:

✨Choose the next Pokémon I should Shiny Hunt in Pokémon. Cost 1500 Poké Coins. Type !chooseshiny to redeem

✨Choose a nickname for a Shiny Pokémon that I catch. Cost 1000 Poké Coins. Type !nickname to redeem.

✨Choose a Pokémon and I will host a Shiny Raid Den of the chosen Pokémon for a stream. Cost 5000 Poké Coins. Type !shinyraid to redeem

✨Add 5 Lemons to Chest. Cost 100 Poké Coins. Type !nickel to redeem

This is still a work in progress so feedback would be appreciated!

Current Schedule is:

🍄Mondays - Mario Maker 2 Mondays
✨Tuesdays - Shiny Hunt in Pokémon Shield
🎮Wednesdays - Either an Xbone or Switch Game
✨Thursday - Shiny Hunt in Pokémon Shield
🎮Friday - Either an Xbone or Switch Game
✨Saturday - Shiny Hunt in Pokémon Shield

I try and Stream around 7 PM EST for a few hours per stream.

Every once in a while I do a stream where I beat a whole game in one sitting.

List of games finished in one sitting so far:
Banjo-Kazooie 100%
Remnant: From the Ashes on Hard
Halo CE, 2, 3, ODST, Reach on Legendary