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⭐ About Me! ⭐

Hey my name's Brendan and I've been streaming on Dlive for about a year. I'm a variety streamer, and usually play Nintendo and Xbox games.

I like to challenge myself as well so most games I play are on the hardest difficulty, to make things more exciting!

I'm also a fan of collectathon games which is why I do a lot of shiny hunting in Pokemon Games. My goal right now is to get a shiny living dex of all Star and Square Shiny Pokemon.

Feel free to talk in chat, I always enjoy talking to people while playing games!

⭐ Rules in Chat ⭐

- Don't be a dick
- English Only
- No Spamming Stickers
- Ask before posting links
- Don't ask to Open Chest
- Chest Opens When it Reaches 100 Lemons

Here's my youtube channel where I post videos!

Feel free to Follow me on Twitter for when I start streams!
✨Poké Coins! ✨

Poké Coins are my channels currency. Every 10 Minutes if you've interacted in chat you will get:

✨ 25 Poké Coins or
✨ 50 Poké Coins if you are a Subscriber

Other ways of receiving Poké Coins:

✨ 50 Poké Coins Per Follow
✨ 250 Poké Coins Per Sub
✨1 Poké Coin Per 1 Lemon for each donation of 10 Lemons or above. Ex: 1 Diamond = 100 Poké Coins

✨!pokecoins in chat to see how many you have!✨

✨Redeeming Poké Coins!✨

You can redeem Poké Coins for various rewards so far the rewards are:

✨!yay. Cost 25 Poké Coins✨

✨!pan. Cost 100 Poké Coins!✨

✨!toll. Cost 200 Poké Coins!✨

✨!egg. Cost 300 Poké Coins!✨

✨!yell. Cost 500 Poké Coins!✨

✨Choose the next Pokémon I should Shiny Hunt in Pokémon. Cost 2000 Poké Coins. Type !chooseshiny to redeem

✨Choose a nickname for a Shiny Pokémon that I catch. Cost 1000 Poké Coins. Type !nickname to redeem.

✨Choose a Pokémon and I will host a Shiny Raid Den of the chosen Pokémon for a stream. Cost 5000 Poké Coins. Type !shinyraid to redeem

This is still a work in progress so feedback would be appreciated!

No set streaming schedule

I try and Stream around 7 PM EST for a few hours per stream. If I stream Sunday it will start at 3 PM EST.

Every once in a while I do a stream where I beat a whole game in one sitting.

List of games finished in one sitting so far:
Cuphead on Normal and Expert
Banjo-Kazooie 100%
Remnant: From the Ashes on Hard
Halo CE, 2, 3, ODST, Reach on Legendary
Pokemon Let's Go: Pikachu