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Streamer is offline
Y'all like pictures?
Here you can check stuff out like my gaming collection and stuff going on behind the scenes as well as lots of cat pics...
If you would rather...
Yeeeeeeah... So I kinda also stream here using restream... Actually I dual stream most of the time using restream.
YouTube kinda has gotten scary with their rules on gaming vids so... Yeah figured this might be a safe place to game.
The ONLY place to get notifications
So and i'll almost always say this during the end of my streams...
If you want real time notifications on when the next stream is gonna be.
Be sure you follow me on Twitter...
As soon as I hit the "Start Streaming" Tab on OBS a post gets sent out to all of my Twitter followers and in that post has a description of who's playing, what we're playing and a link that will take you to the twitch page.
Because people tend to miss all the good stuff
Now this tab doesn't work and is busted...
However that doesn't mean you can't go to YouTube and watch our past streams... Please be aware that the channel (even though has been up for a while) it is still under construction...
But yeah good thing I always think of a snazzy title for every stream so you'll never get lost!