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Freebitco Bot
Whats going on here?
2 things:
1. BTC Trading
2. BTC Gambling.

The charting window is for trading, the black window and the website in the background show my gambling bot and my balance.

Most people are chatting here rather than in the video chat because I stream in multiple places at the same time:

This is some Live Bitcoin Trading where I show ALL my trades which is highly unique. Most "trading" channels dont actually do any trading at all and only show a bunch of completely useless charts. I focus on 1 asset, BTC and thats it. It's nearly impossible to actually trade multiple assets without getting rekt and thats why they dont show their trades (if they even exist at all). I on the other hand have no problem showing both wins AND losses. For those that have watched me for months, they know that I've cashed out several times and am very much "in the black" as a day trader regardless of what my daily balance/trades show because my wins are always more plentiful and larger than my losses.

Link to my bot is finally here after months of putting it off and tons of requests by viewers to release it :)

Info about the bot is here:

The following links are to services I actually use in day trading myself. If it's here, it has a purpose in my daily routine and will likely be of benefit to you as well.

SimpleFX: (This is what you see in the video)




BTC: 1A6Lm8aD48wXcGN8DFrQhZUHDXHhpz2aap
LTC: LY5gbJ7pqNkNSbKyiQ6NhqQWCjnj8wz3ub
ETH: 0x840817cb7d5f115d27a82953d07c6b3009a7e9fb
VTC: 37jXMG8WAZyeLBMXKvyhY2NY7bbmbRuf7P

You can also watch my Warcraft 2 gaming stream at the below links as well.