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Almost all topics are allowed to be discussed on my stream. This includes political and social topics. And differing opinions are very important to me.
But this is only possible because we keep it respectful and stick to some basic rules.

English Only or Ban
No Name Calling or Ban
No Spam or Ban
No Begging or Ban
Keep it Respectful
The Chest is a Lie
Stream Commands:
!commands - All commands
!uptime - Current stream length
!8ball - Answers question
!discord - Discord invite
!paypal - Paypal donation link
!store - Derp Merchandise link
!schedule - Stream schedule

Interactive Commands
!badum - Rimshot (bad-dum-tish)
!bruh - BRUH
!clap - Audience clapping
!hi - Hello MF
!laugh - Sitcom Laugh
!site - website
Subscriber Only:V
!awshit - Here we go again
!crickets - Crickets
!FBI - FBI! Open up!
!gae - Ha! Gaaaaaay!
!hub - Porn Hub Intro
!ijiji - Mexican laugh
!milk - He needs some milk
!run - Run!
!sad1 - Sad Trombone
!sad2 - Sad Violin
The way for me to get the most of your help is through Paypal donations.
You can do this by clicking the above image. (or clicking the link below)
This will take you to my donation page where you can choose the amount and if you want to make it monthly or not.

You can also help by purchasing merchandise, subscribing to the channel, gifting subscriptions to others, gifting lemons, diamonds, etc, and by hanging out, watching, chatting, and being a part of the stream.
Getting Gear is not only a great way to help support the channel, but also a great way to get yourself something awesome.
I try to make sure all items are of the best quality and prefer to deal with manufacturers here in the US, then Canada/Mexico, then elsewhere.
My stream, like me, is varied. I like to share my interests so I stream video games, cooking, 3D printing, cannabis growing, and just hanging out BS'ing with you Peoples.
I stream everyday, except Mondays, and normally for 5 to 8 hours.
Best way to find out when I'm live is to join the discord ( ) and assign yourself, or requiest, the tag.
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Discord is a great way to be a part of the community outside of the stream.
I regulary post in there, we watch weekly movies, Special Peoples get special perks, get video game news as soon as the developers post, and we got sections for almost all topics.
Come join.
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First Person
Management/City Building
Strategy Games