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When I'll be on
I'll be streaming every week with a variety of games and content:

M: 11pm to 5pm
T: 11pm to 5pm
W: 11pm to 5pm
T: 11pm to 5pm
F: ?
S: ?
S: ?

Weekdays I am guaranteed to stream 11 to 5 pm.

Weekends are different, I use them as editing days for videos, improving my stream layout, yt videos, etc.

I try to use friday as an "off day" but I genuinely love to stream, it always makes my day. So I might end up streaming anyways.
Welcome to my page!

I'm streaming for fun and maybe for a potential career at somepoint!

I only play overwatch at the moment as it is the only game I own however I like to play a bunch of games, almost exclusively fps titles, and I'll definitely stream other games when/if I get them.

I started streaming on dlive in december 2019, I made the switch to pc in october 2019 from xbox. I loved/love playing halo games, reach being my all time favorite. I also used to play destiny 1 and 2, cod, starwars battlefront 2 both the original and the EA games, minecraft, and overwatch on there too.

Hopefully I can make few of you guys smile on the way!

I'll try to stream as much as I can!
Dlive currency conversion
1 Lemon = $0.012
1 Ice cream = $0.12
1 Diamond = $1.20
1 Ninjaghini = $12.00
1 Ninjet = $120.00
My Stream Team: The Ferocious Fools
It always makes me happy to get a new viewer. I may be a small streamer but it really does mean the world to me. This community is the nicest and most supportive i've ever seen, and I am increadibly happy to be apart of it! THANK YOU!!!
I do not own the rights to any music I play on my streams