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Hi! My name is Chai and I'm from the Philippines!
I love to draw digitally, though I'm still not sure where it will take me.
The languages I mainly speak are Tagalog and English.

I will try and stream art here occasionally until I gain the confidence and stream more often. :)
I won't put any schedules for now since I still don't know if I will have any consistent time sorry :')

Please forgive me and don't be discouraged to talk to me if I talk really slow or if I'm starting to get very quiet and/or awkward and/or tongue-tied, I'm very shy and I have a very bad anxiety. I'm trying my best to overcome it even just a bit that's why I decided to stream and expose myself more to people. I hope you understand and I'm apologizing in advance! ;u;

I'm also new here, so I still don't know how to get around with this streaming thing. If you know something, please do not be afraid to teach me! I'll be very happy to learn!

The program/s and device I use in making art:
❀ Photoshop CS6
❀ Huion Kamvas Pro 13

You can find me in these links:
❀ Instagram -
❀ Twitter -
❀ Facebook -
❀ Other Links -

I mainly use Instagram in posting most of my art. You can come say hi to me there too! ^__^

❀ Commission Status: CLOSED ❀

To know more about ordering commissions, please visit the link below:

When visiting the link, please make sure to read all the details before sending a commission order! Thank you very much! ❤️

Donations are not required but is greatly appreciated! It will help me on my living expenses and on buying equipment upgrades (mainly for art and stream *wink wink*). Thank you very much in advance! ;u;

If you don't have Lino points but would like to donate, you can donate on these links:

❀ Ko-fi:
❀ Streamlabs:

Use these as the Chat Guidelines:

❀ Please do not hesitate to chat and say hi! I won't bite. If you're shy, don't worry, I'm super shy too. We could be shy buddies. ;u;

❀ Please respect each and everyone in the stream chat! I'm gonna send the bad ones to Pluto jk!

❀ No offensive / super insulting words, phrases, topics

❀ Please do not ask for free art. I will give free art only when I decided to do so.

❀ Don't forget to have fun!