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Cr4zyKm4n and myself are planning a DLive streamer/Viewer Meetup in London in October 2020.

We now want to know how many are interested in this, please sign this petition before june 2020:

After we have seen how many are interested we will begin to plan location, food, accommodation and events around the location in october.

More info coming soon...
My name is Robin and i am 37 years old and come from Norway.

I am out in the outdoors every day because it is both my hobby and lifestyle.
At the same time it is also my work as i design and develop outdoor products for my own companies, but also for other companies.

I started on Dlive because of a friend and enjoyed having people to join my trips in the outdoors and the community here on dlive so have just continued to bring my viewers with me on my adventures into the outdoors and all is welcome.

I am a chill outdoor person that is easy to get in contact with so if you need help or a good talk, give me a shout:)

I have 3 kids at the age of 3, 5 and 10 years that sometimes will show up on my streams making it not so chill. hehe

I also have a Alaska husky named Ragnarok, born 6 august 2019.

As a outdoor streamer the stream might break in bad reception areas, when this happens im usually back up shortly.
*White water kayaking
**Scenery and chill talk (relax in the nature)
**Donation trip/content (I set up some donation goals where viewers can donate and when goal is reached owe stream the trip/content)
**Meet ups (Meet up with other streamers and join them or them join me on trips in the outdoors
**Noob Gaming (Once a week i will do a gaming stream.
**SUB Contest
I stream every day.
6 days a week i do outdoor content, 1 day a week i do a gaming stream.
Sometimes it might be more gaming streams if weather or other things prevents me to go into the outdoors.
I often do giveaways for my subscribers, to enter the subscriber Giveaway you must join my giveaway stream and write !Chill in chat to participate.

Winners will have to provide name, address, phone and email address to be able to ship out the prices.
This will not be shared to anyone and deleted after shipment is made.
Donations is not required but highly appreciated as it helps the Chilloutdoors project move forward and also supports other streamers.

Donations can be done here on DLive with lemons, or you can donate with stream labs that support PayPal and card payments, it also shows on my livestreams what you have donated.
Donation through Streamlabs also have TTS (Text to speech) on.

Click here to donate with Paypal:

Click here to Donate Incent:

Have some fun with me on my stream, with Stream Aid you can control things in my streams.
Each Mission has a 30 minute cooldown.

Check it out here:

You can also purchase items that will be shipped to me from my Amazon Wishlist, these are products i need to get forward and is always updated.
Support the channel and project by purchasing merchandise:
Me and my mods dont play games when it comes to rules below, they will result in instant ban, there is no 5 minute timeout in my channel as if you have not learned common courtesy in your life, you will not learn it the next 5 minutes either.
Im here to have fun in the outdoors together with you, not to see the list below.

1. Don`t say things you would not have said to your mother in chat
2. Don`t ask for chest or beg for Lemon
3. No spam or random words just to farm activity for chest.
4. No racism, politics, hate speech or other garbage you deep inside know is wrong to say
5. No self promotion
6. English only in chat

Whats not getting you muted is showing your awesom and nice to me and all my lovely followers, be nice as it gets you longer in life.
Use these commands in chat to post the info:
!rules (Shows chat rules)
Chilloutdoors project is a project where i am making a company together with the Chilloutdoors Stream Team.

You can read more about the project at (Will come a own page soon on this)

This is the goal for 2020 in the project:
1. Website (Done, more to come)
2. Add 4 Streamers to the Stream Team (Done)
3. Design products for release (Done)
4. Collect donations for production (In progress)
5. Release the first product
6. Release a own website with only webshop
7. Increase sales to release more products

Yeah 2021 will be added later this year but will focus on more product releases and increasing sales and marketing.
Chilloutdoors Stream team is not like a normal stream team.
The Chilloutdoors Stream Team is a team of streamers that together with Chilloutdoors is creating a outdoor brand that design, develop and sell outdoor products.

The stream team members is treated the same was as a shareholder of the Chilloutdoors company and makes money based on sales/profit the company has.

The Stream Team members makes the decisions in the company together and show you all how it is to run a company from beginning where you normally have little experience and finance, but still make good results.

The Stream Team members meet up and do streams together.

Read more about the stream team and members at
I use many different types of equipment in my streaming, here is links to the products i use for different outdoor streaming:

This is to provide a stable internet connection in the outdoors.

LiveUsolo: (used in bad reception areas)

Nighthawk M1: (Used where there is good reception)

These cameras i use as main cameras in my streams, angles is normally phones listed below that is used.

Canon XA30 (Used for high quality and zoom)

Sony FDR-AX33 4K (Used where i need night vision)

Logitech 920: (Used in office and car streams)

GoPro 7 Black: (Used on hiking/Fishing streams)

Gopro 8 Black: (Used on underwater streams and high activity streams)

These phones i use for multiple angles in my streams:

Google Pixel 3 (Great with wider angle)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Great with wide angle)

Iphone XS (Used for chat and reserve cam)

Microphones i have many for different environments, but these i use the most.

Sennheiser Shotgun Mic (Used when far away or noisy area and in my office streams)

Rode Podcast Mic (Used for podcasts)

Powerbanks I use a lot of, what I recommend is to get power banks that is smaller in size and weight so you can carry with you many as power goes fast.
I normalt have power banks that is 20000 MAh +

Tripods is used most of the time when walking around.

For the phones i use these:

For the GoPro i use these: