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About Me
Hi i am Philipp. In real live i do XR-Software development for a living. I will play some Magic the Gathering Online ( Legacy and Pauper) and a lot of Apex. I am always happy to chat so if you have any questions just ask ^^
Channel Rules
Please be nice to eachother ;). It is enough if i am toxic in game :P. Channel is for adults cause i don't think i manage to play a game without swearing;).
Apex: My favorite character is Caustic. I just love his attitude and mindset. THe characters i play most and best are Lifeline and Wraith.

Magic: I love Combo decks. So in short Thalia shouldn't exist and if a deck can't win turn 1 its no Legacy deck. Otherwise i am in for all combos doesn't matter how fringe (even played Doomsday before it became cool ^^)