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welcome to my channel
Hey guys, my name is Chris Welcome to my channel I'm a variety streamer , I don't have a schedule as of yet and I try to stream every off day I got I'll try and stream, but when I do stream its for about 3 hours tho so I hope you enjoy my content and come back for more!
-No links unless I give you --permission
-No being rude to the mods or viewers or myself
-Don't ask for mod you have to earn it.
-no racism or it gets you a ban after my show
-no spamming I probably seen it the first time you said it
- no self-promotion it gets you banned
- Last but not least! have fun!!
Follow me on twitter to know when i'm going live and to see some amazing dlive streamers I tweet out that helped inspire me that streaming is fun
about me
Hey my name is Chris. I'm 26 years old! My hobbies are sports, gaming, cooking, and computers I'm an arena attendant for the winter and in the summer I do retail my favourite holidays are 1. Christmas 2. Victoria Day 3. Canada Day 4. My birthday reason I put my birthday last is because I don't like getting older however I've been on twitch for 4 years and counting oh and I'm from Canada if you can't already tell :)
whelp that pretty much sums up with what I do and stuff
come join my discord we will be chatting in there if you ever need to have a chat :)
hi I mainly play on ps4 my psn is chris_tap26 feel free to add me I'm usually looking for people to play some games with me for example: a way out
games I play
1. NHL
2. Madden
3. UFC
4. MLB
5. Golf Club
6. The Sims 4
7. Fifa
and some more
my setup
PlayStation 4
80 inch tv
astros headset