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About myself
Multistreaming with

all the picture you see i have draw by myself hand and for my own imagination

my Discord is name is cooldogie#7019
discord is
my twitter name is cooldogie1
my psn name is cooldogie
my mixer name is cooldogie
my steam name cooldogie

youtube is from my past stream

i am artist, and gamer i draw alot of abstract art work and i hum alot and dont hear it when i play games. so if it is to loud just tell i will fix as best as i can. i am 1st time streamer and have chosen Dlive to be my first my streaming web site. i usual play old pc game from the ps3 era and below and some newer games too.

i do play dead by daylight on pc with friend and anybody else all you have do is just me and will join if their is room

My stream Schedule
unless something happen outside of my control happen. an example for me is if i have a seizure, epileptic seizure and/or get sent the hospital because of it. since i have them since i was born. but will update you on it if it dose change.

please check my twitter for the most up to date stream Schedule

all this week i am be streaming at 4:30 pm pacific time
Rules Of The streams & chat
- yes you can talk and joking around here as long you follow the rules down below
-Be respectful (no racism,hate speech, and no disrespecting people with disable people ) No politics.
-No self promoting unless i know u or ask before hand
- Dont ask the chest
-Do not argue with the Mods in the channel
-Please speak English here in the chat
Have fun in the chats and enjoy yourself but remember to follow the rules of the channel

Thing that will get permanent ban and mute are disrespecting and being mean people with disability. i will show no mercy on that rule
Point Command
!bones- free
!leaderboard- free
!hello - 10 point
!woof- 20 point
!game- 30 point
!dogs- 40 point
!surprise- 50 it will change ever weeks starting ever Friday could it be a good/ or bad surprise for u
My Twitter
click on my twitter picture link up above

my discord
click on my discord picture link up above
The up coming game to be stream and i will be finishing up
these are game that i will stream once they come out or once i get the money to buy/rent them

Clea ,Code Vein, Doom eternal, Dragon ball Z Kakarot, Fairy Tail, Persona 5 Royal, Final Fantasy 7 remake, Tales of Arise, the witcher wild hunt and many more to come
of my finish art work
click on my instagram picture link up above
game beaten so far on stream
Catherine: Full Body : katherine true route
kill la kill IF : Satsuki Kiryuin route
kill la kill IF : Ryuko Matoi, route
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
Final Fantasy 7 Remake

game that can never beaten
Fate/ Grand Order that is mobile game that i love to play

Dead by Daylight i play with friend other people from the chat
art work of my art
click on the picture above
stream elements
only if you want and thank you for very much if you do and thank you in advance