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Hallo im Luis, im from Venezuela, a friend saved me from there and i live now in italy,
we are struggling, i have the permit to stay but still cant work,
literally i left a problem to live in another one, but at least i can walk in the streets with the phone in my pockets
or in my hands without being killed and then robbed (because they did that in venezuela),
i will stream some games, and maybe some paintings, i paint in watercolors, sadly the cam is shitty xD but i also can stream the digital painting,
blessings to everyone <3,

i have been since the last year into the hospital, because of the meds,
they played and experimented with me and its not fair, some horrible things happened but IM ALIVE,

the sad part is that i started to stream and actually some people watched me but now i lost everything T_T

My art and stuff
> https://www.instagram.com/darklaos/

> https://www.facebook.com/darklaos

and almost everywhere you can find me by that nickname xD (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, twitch, dlive, vimm, steemit, etc XD)

> https://loots.com/bjornsson
> https://streamlabs.com/darklaos