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Brand new to DLive but not new to streaming. Been streaming for years now but that doesn't make me a pro or expert by any rate, we can always learn and grow, even with things we have been doing for awhile. I play games like Dead By Daylight, Apex, Anthem, Mass Effect series to name a few, so yes I am a variety streamer. My schedule is daily, where I post in my discord and on twitter when I go live. <3

If your interested in joining my discord the invite link is: https://discord.gg/8Gg4jEB
Check out my twitter: https://twitter.com/ddavinationtv
I am also on instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/davinationtv/

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Follow this to request a sticker:

1. Join my discord.
2. Go to "Sticker Request" channel.
3. Fill out this form and post it in the channel:

Sticker Example:
Colour/s: [If you have the colours code would be best otherwise just name he colours]
Picture: [Please put a link to the picture ensuring it has a transparent background]
DLive Name:

4. Be in chat, I will be going through the requests in order they are posted. When I come to a request, I shall call for you to speak up in chat. If you fail to do this, I shall move onto the next request and you will have to request it again.
5. Enjoy the sticker. :)