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NAME: Darryl mcphedran
KNOWN AS: daz/dazza mac
AGE: 32
LOCATION: corby, Northamptonshire ENGLAND
SOCIAL MEDIA: darryl mcphedran or dazzamac

ive been playing console for 20+ years, I recently decided to start streaming because of my passion for gaming and having a good time, I have found that although a young platform DLIVE is the best I have come across for people and community

I mainly play pubg but will be playing more games on this channel in the future, I still have FF7 to get through and red dead redemption so if anyone is interested in watching those give me a shout
there are not a great deal of rules over here on this channel but the obvious ones across the board of dlive apply, no racisism, no bullying, dont constant ask about my chest, have a good time without making other feel small
i will be adding lino to the chest as follows;
10 per kill
30 duo wipe
50 squad wipe
60 for a win
i will open the chest after every 3 games, stick around for the results
!FRIENDS - see all the people I play with
!FG - follow goal and its benefits
!SONG - what song is playing
!CHEST - rules of the chest
there are many people I squad up with across all of my friends, I also do a lot of duos with another streamer on Dlive, give him a follow, his channel is below

other cool gamers or streamers

have fun and chat to me, any follows or lino giftings are very much appreciated, cheers for reading guy!!!
Donations are not necessary but are very much appreciated, thank you guys for all the love and support throughout my streams