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LAB Radio - Learn About Bitcoin, Learn About Blockchain - A podcast bringing you passionate people behind amazing projects.
Connect on an emotional level with founders and entrepreneurs in the crypto and blockchain industry.
Get ready to embark on an adventure through the cosmos! CSC (Crypto Space Commander) is a sandbox space MMO that operates a player-owned economy. Players can travel to different star systems, mine stellar bodies for resources, craft items and ships to sell, battle pirates and other players while commanding their very own starship.

CSC is designed to facilitate all facets of Play-To-Own gaming. Are you a traditional gamer looking for a deeper, more immersive experience? Or gaming entrepreneur looking to grow and develop next-generation economies? All players can profit on their skill and wit with CSC’s player-owned asset design.

By giving players free rein to influence nearly every aspect of gameplay, the universe truly becomes their own.
San Diego based CoinStructive, a consulting firm specializing in software development to help companies, startups and enterprises utilize blockchain technology solution. We also host a podcast: LAB Radio, and have engaged in US regulatory, policy and legislative work since 2016.

CoinStructive also provides Certified Continuing Education training targeting the intersection of state law enforcement, banking compliance professionals and the legal community. Our focus on education has helped empower founders, entrepreneurs, executive teams and policy makers to make well informed, confident decisions.