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What Is This?
driftlikeclouds is a non-influential American indie rock artist with that fresh new sound you just can't quite put your finger on but you can taste it.

driftlikeclouds emerged from his mother's vagina in the late 80s. A visionary of combining folk, jazz, blues and rock music, his first 10 years in southern Detroit exposed him to poverty, crime, and the emotionally stunted musical acts of Insane Clown Posse and Vanilla Ice (his two sole musical inspirations and personal heroes). In June of 1996, at the age of 8, he re-located to the sandy desert of Longmont, Colorado where he often ate dessert. "It was a step-up from south Detroit", driftlikeclouds says in an interview from April 21, 2011, "But it was boring as shit, and every body around me was more interested in wasting their lives away than actually doing something for their future. On the bright side, it felt like the city had more cows than human beings. I really like cows."

To pass the miserable, soul-sucking days, he spent every day (not one was missed) alone in his tiny (v.v. tiny) bedroom, writing and recording simple folk songs. "When I'd finally emerge from days of recording, I'd show my work to friends, family and lovers. Usually they'd say, 'Why are you singing like there's a ten-pound sledge hammer up your ass?" (while this entire article is bullshit this quote is 100% true and happened), or my favorite, 'I threw your album in the garbage, where it belongs." (also true)

Heavy-hearted, in the fall of 2010, he decided to Get On The Bull Again, got some new sideburns from his favorite hipster barber, and took the caravan north into the marijuana capital of the world, Boulder, Colorado. "It's easy to live here", driftlikeclouds says in a candid interview. "If I see anybody under 23, I simply say '420' and the kids nod in agreement. If I see anybody OVER 23, I say, 'God bless you, you mother fucking rich privileged sinner', and again, more nodding".

Excited by the social movements in Boulder, CO, driftlikeclouds began exploring his musical surroundings. "It's exciting because there's so much rampant drug abuse here", he explains, "this must be the same excitement Charlie Parker felt when White Angel heroin flooded the streets of New York City, 1940". In order to "open his mind", driftlikeclouds began playing open-mics and inviting fellow disturbed musicians into his studio. When he wasn't busy with "social networking" (have you heard of it?), he was spending endless hours alone making sweet, tender, romantic love (sometimes sexual) to his microphones. "They're the most receptive to my form of love ", driftlikeclouds says.

Today driftlikeclouds is trying to change the world with his experimentation and improvisation. His later recordings reflect his belief that music is a form of spiritual expression. He doesn't give a fuck what any body thinks, though. He's simply trying to write and record more music. He finishes his candid interview by demonstrating his thorough knowledge of the most exploited-music in history, the blues: "As Leadbelly sang on that one fateful afternoon in 1939, 'Great God Almighty 'gonna write and record a song a day.' Oh fuck, is that what he actually sings? The recordings are so old and scratchy I can't hear a god-damn fucking thing!"
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