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Welcome to my channel, my name is Luke or Revyze and I am going to be streaming mostly zombie world records on this channel, but will also be streaming other games as I don't want to be entitled to a specific game as that type of streamer, anyhow I hope that you enjoy how I stream and enjoy me as an entertainer.

Date Started: 10/04/2019 (UK Date) I used to stream on Mixer as my main streaming platform and had done for a long time and wanted to try and make it a part-time job for me. Sadly due to my work and not being able to have enough time to try and aim for a partner on mixer it meant that I couldn't aim for that since I'm 16 and wanted a job to then get a car etc. I aim to stream on this platform at least 3 times a week, and may not have a stream schedule straight away but will aim at working towards one. Anyhow, I really hope you like what you see here and consider following the channel to keep up to date on when I go live and be alerted so you can watch straight away..
Revyze_ :)

Music Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-4zY7Ri2Po&list=PLyDNc-mLpTPbct8iNhbcpecNioXH6Yz3h&index=1

Links if you want to further support me (I really appreciate this way as well):
Streamlabs Donation Link: https://streamlabs.com/revyze (Alert On Stream)
Patreon Support Page: https://www.patreon.com/Revyze (Rewards)
Merch Link: https://streamlabs.com/revyze/#/merch (Alert On Stream)

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