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Favorite Anime
Yes as you can tell from my name, I in fact am a Bleach fan. Just because I am though that doesn't mean I only watch that Anime and nothing else unlike other Shonen Anime fans. Meaning I watch some underrated Anime shows that you may not even heard of that's actually decent. So what I want to do on this platform is livestream those kind of Anime shows for you guys just so those Anime shows will have more recognition. With more recognition, hopefully the creators of the underrated Anime shows I watch will possibly have more people buy their product just some they can either make a video game of that Anime or a new season as a fellow up for an Anime that's been on a long hiatus or ends in a cliffhanger way. That is my end goal for doing this.
Favorite Video Game
I been a fan of Dynasty Warriors series since I was 6 years old first playing Dynasty Warriors 2. Since then I been hooked to this phenomenal game with a interesting history of the Han Dynasty. Even to this day it is still the only game that can keep me playing for a long period of time. But as I gotten older, I started to see some flaws of the Franchise as it gets more new titles of the game. Like certain contents remove compare to the older counterparts like VS mode. Hopefully the future Dynasty Warriors games may add some unexpected elements that will make the game revolutionary of all Hack n' Slash games.
Notice how both Bleach and Dynasty Warriors has a lot of characters using weapons? Imagine if KoeiTecmo makes a PS5 Bleach game with Open World and Hack n' Slash gameplay to it like Dynasty Warriors 9. Hell you can add a new and improve flying while fighting system based on Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce to make the gameplay more like Bleach fights. That will be the greatest accomplishment that I will ever seen from KoeiTecmo.