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my wishlist for amazon
These are the rules make sure you follow them
-Be nice
-No harsh jokes
-No racism/sexism
-Dont argue with the streamer/mods or anyone in general
-If have any questions ask but if to personal will not answer
-Have fun
Hi im 19 and the name is EXOTICJDD17 but u can call me EXOTIC OR EX and im a gamer and i picked up streaming and no i do not expect to be famous or anything i plan to stream purely for fun and no i wont be perfect because no one is but anyways thanks for the support :) cya in stream
Not required but i do appreciate each one and these are nonrefundable and go towards making better content <3
Processor: i5-2400 quad core 3.10ghz
Graphics card: Amd radeon r7 250 2gb gddr3
Motherboard: hewlett-pacard 1497 model
Ram: 16GB ddr3 sdram 1333Mhz
Power supply 340w im not sure on this
Monitor: 1x white emachines 59hz
Keyboard: cooler master devastator 3 7 led gaming keyboard
Mouse: cooler master devastator 3 7 led gamer mouse 2,400DPI
Headset: ovleng v8-1 wireless gaming headset and cyber acoustic
Microphone: NW-800 condenser mic kit
webcam: 1x Logitech c110