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New streamer trying to have fun!

---Remember, this tavern reserves its right to serve, so here are some ground rules:

1. No racist, sexist or any kind of behavior nor words that are inappropriate. ---Watch your tongue!
2. No unauthorized posting of links.--- Ask before putting up a bounty!
3. Be cool, don't be a dick.--- You'll be kicked out of the tavern!
4. The most important one: Have fun!--- But don't drink too much!
5. Slightly less important than the most important, but still, this stream is a +18 stream, curses are allowed.--- We don't serve alcohol to minors!

Apart from that, some things about me/stream which might be useful and/or interesting:

-My main language isn't English (although it's the stream one).
I can speak fluently: Catalan, English, and Spanish.
I can more or less speak: French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Italian.
I can maybe say one word or phrase: Galician, German, and Russian.
---You'll be served without regards to your language! (at least I'll try).
-I'm funny according to my mom.
-My language is filled with curses and bad words, it's a thing I'm trying to correct for personal reasons, but I'm still way far off.
-I tend to have a bad case of being slightly awkward, so yeah....... exactly xd.
-I won't have a schedule at the moment.--- Opening hours may vary.
-I also won't have main games, I'll play whatever I fancy at the time.--- Ale, beer, barley pop, lager... you name it!
-I'll do this as a hobby, so I'll treat it as such. If I don't have fun anymore I'll stop playing at that time, this doesn't mean that I won't be somewhat stable with the time I'll stream.

---I hope you have fun and drink responsibly!---