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Howdy boomers, my name is friendly fredward and I play Minecraft and scream very loudly. Every once in a while it's also nice to have a chill stream and just chat to viewers, so expect to see both of those over here. I'm also open to song requests and game suggestions!

I absolutely hate having to mute or ban people, it's literally the last thing I want to do. You'll only get muted if you say something grossly offensive that's obviously not a joke, otherwise I'm completely fine with dark humor and I'll let you say whatever the [frick] you want as long as it's not likely to cause offense or distress to anyone.

I open my chest at the end of every stream, if it's full enough. If I get a lot of donations during a stream I'll also probably add some to the chest.

Multistreaming with
Need an editor?
I love editing, both for myself and for other streamers and content creators. If you're looking for someone to edit stream highlights or general videos, send me a discord message through my discord server:

I also post updates and stream info on the discord server!

I edit using Premiere Pro and After Effects btw so if you need any help with those programs, tag me in the discord or something
Missed a stream or want to watch some other content from me? Check out my YouTube channel, where I upload stream highlights, commentary and meme-related videos!