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hiya everyone this is not easy but i got to tell you i got depression it mean i am depressed really much of my life it is all i did not have a good child hood and i did not see my father when i was a child and i got to late to disover that he was alive i did not see him like 10-15 years and he passed away he had bypass i did go to hospital i touched his head and it was all cold i did not go to his funeral becuase i was crying alot and my mom never had me when i was like 8 month's old she throwed me away in a child care home for babies she couldn't have me and my sister so i was grown up some where else and today she dont speak to me really often she dont visit she dont call she is visiting me only if i got birthday or when is christmas well i dont go to her christmas becuase we are allways fighting so i told her not to join her when christmas today i got depressed really often and when i get that i throwed all of my anger out to everyone and i am really sorry about that you dont really know when i get this if you dont like this then please stay away from my channel thank you
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Thefaroe's Computer Gear Beast
Thefaroe's Computer Gear Beast

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Intel Core i9-9900K Coffee Lake S CPU - 3.6 GHz

Samsung 850 EVO SSD - 500GB

NZXT H440W Silent Ultra NE - Black / Red

Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 DC 32GB

Corsair RM1000i Gold - 1000W PSU

Corsair Hydro H110i V2 High Performance

Logitech G502 Mouse

Razer Firefly Cloth Edition

Webcam Logitech HD Pro C910

Webcam Logitech BRIO 4K Stream Edition

Webcam Logitech BRIO 4K Ultra HD Webcam


Asus Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 8 GB Ram

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hi everyone i am a new streamer i used to stream on other average site called vaughnlive tv and ivlog tv i was there popular caster now i just moved here becuase someone told me about this site and you can gain money whatever you do on your stream my name is jogvan jacop i am 37 years old i live with ppl where i live i live on faroe islands our country is on North Atlantic Ocean

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