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What This Channel is About
I am a spawn of HighImpactFlix

Love Ya Brian <3

So I started a channel here on DLive as Work4Liberty

Basically I was just copying Brian's MO and riding his coat-tails. Not that that was a bad thing, but I figured I should do something on my own, a little different.

First I started Lighthouse22, which is basically online church. I welcome you every Sunday at 6pm PT to fellowship with other believers in Christ during these trying times.

At first, I was trying to do Lighthouse22 daily, but quickly became burnt out on the setup (it was taking 3-6 hours daily).

Hence, golfnut was born! So, what is this channel all about?:

1.) Relax and have fun together.
2.) Talk about the news, life, or whatever while gaming together online.
3.) Again, HAVE FUN! Take our minds off of the madness from time to time.

I want to EMPHASIZE, I absolutely Love HighImpactFlix and everything Brian has done for me and others. However, I believe it is good to have a pause from the madness from time to time. Anytime HighImpactFlix starts a broadcast I will immediately stop and start broadcasting his broadcast on my golfnut channel.

As far as Lighthouse22 on Sunday's, that will go uninterrupted, as God is more important than even

Cheers everyone! So glad you are here! <3
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