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Hi there! Welcome to my channel!

About me :

I am a professional miniature commission painter specializing in painting fantasy/sci-fi/warhammer minis. i have been paining for 25 years and in the last year I have been sharing my painting processes live on Instagram and Twitch. I have now decided to stream on dlive too, sharing the joy of throwing paint at toy soldiers.
I am based in the UK, not far from the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I spend most of my time locked away in my painting bunker trying to avoid eye contact with real humans...


My stream schedule is somewhat of a work in progress, but I will be trying to keep to the following -

Monday - Friday 11am til 1pm UK time
Weekends - various stream times depending on whether I have been consuming large amounts of fermented vegetable products...

Social Media:

Website -
Twitch -
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