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the voice of squallbonde
welcome to grovenet, the voice of grove nation (a.k.a. squallbonde). our flagship show, Grove Nation Live, is basically THE source for gaming, news, music, turkey talk, and brotherhood, uncompromisingly immersed in God, Glory, and Gentility.
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meet the gromies: mesyn
the fighting outcast himself. hailing from fort worth - where the west begins, y'all! - mesyn is the handicapable ridin' brotha who's either your bro & homie or the guy calling you out... depending on if you come correct, or not.

he's an acolyte of the real - God & Nature - progressive conservative, still recovering from drinking the antifa kool-aid, and brings this sense and reason to the Grove as the Supreme of Squallbonde.
meet the gromies: jayden
hailing from the mountains of north carolina, jayden is the "class clown" here on the porch. he and mesyn disagree on a fair bit, but they they both got positivity in mind and are not at all ashamed of america. in fact, jayden proudly serves his community as a volunteer emt & firefighter, and supports our police & military. he also loves him some aviation.
meet the gromies: segel
a straight-talkin' sooner with a sharp tongue, wisdom well beyond his chronology, & the book smarts to tie the aforementioned both together. zero tolerance for b.s. from being a tech support agent makes him perfect for the grove. just don't dare ask him for free help with your i.t. issues...