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My name is h3rb1 pronounced "Herbi"

I am a casual and relaxed content creator, finding the balance between family, work, and having fun.

I like to keep it positive, always looking to connect with like minded people.

I live stream video games, community chat, trivia, and talk/game shows focusing on viewer interaction.

All of my content is free for everyone however, if you find value in my content and want to show your support, please consider subscribing via Patreon.


- TIP: https://streamelements.com/h3rb1x/tip
- Donate: https://streamelements.com/h3rb1x/tip
- Subscribe: https://www.patreon.com/h3rb1
- Email: https://www.h3rb1.com/contact

Thank you for Watching!
Let's play!

I have a variety of games and I like paying with viewers like you.
My platform of choice is the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) and stream via the built-in "broadcast" feature.

My PSN ID is: h3rb1x Feel free to follow ❤️ on PSN so that I can send you game invites.

During Multiplayer, I play as a support character and I focus on the objectives. Type !join in chat to add yourself to the queue.

On Single Player, I often try to explore my surroundings and at times I may deviate from the scripted sequences whenever possible.

Game List: http://bit.ly/h3rb1x-games
Subscription Benefits

- Priority Invites for Games
- Directly support the stream/broadcast
- Subscriber Discord Role*
- View additional benefits on Patreon

*You must link your discord ID and Patreon ID in order to obtain the role.

Subscribe: https://www.patreon.com/h3rb1
Tune In

I try to fit in streams where I can so, make sure to hit the follow ❤️ button, and turn on notifications 🔔, to catch me live.

Please add my calendar to your device, or Download iCal file, to see future live events and streaming schedule.


New Opportunity

Are you a viewer interested in participating in Interactive Games?

I will be hosting and streaming multiple chat based interactive games.

Spaces are limited and this Google Form will help determine who gets in and how many streams will be live to ensure everyone can join.


View past streams, broadcast archives, clips, and vlog.

Thank you!

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Avoid the BAN Hammer! 🔨

Hello chatter bugs!
A few things we should expect from each other.

✅Please read/follow the DLive Guidelines.
✅Remember to have FUN!
✅Enjoy the stream.
✅Please be respectful of all types of people.
✅You must play to win
🚫No Racism (or Slurs) or Hate Speech.
🚫No Sexism.
🚫No Political Discrimination.
🚫No Religious Discrimination.
🚫No foul language or insulting of any kind.
🚫No Trolling.
🚫No self promoting or promoting others.
🚫No Spamming the chat
🚫No Age discussion.
🚫No spoilers
🚫Don't ask for a shoutout or free stuff.
🚫Don't be a Horace the Hate Bug
Here is a list of Items I use to Stream

📺55" TV
💻PlayStation 4 (PS4)
📸PlayStation 4 Camera
🎮Game Pad