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- **Name**:

>My name *IS* **Judo** silly rabbit! (Just because it's not on my identification doesn't mean that it isn't, so just go with it m'kay...)

- **Age**:

>Technically speaking i'm over 1 billion seconds old but as a gamer i've had **MANY** lives so i'd rather go with "immortal" because it sounds better! LUL

- **Interests & Hobbies**
>Gaming (Of course, i've been doing it since the 1st NES came out), Anime (My **OTHER** obsession!), Music (I listen to all genres as long as it sounds good), Sports, Art, Literature, Food, Comedy, & other things I can't think of quite this moment...

- **Schedule**
>**Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm (6:00 pm) or 10:00 pm to 2:00 am (or 3:00/4:00 am)**
**All Times Are US Pacific Standard Time & Subject To Change**
**1.** In the words of Jules from "Pulp Fiction" "*Be Cool Honey Bunny, Be Cool!*" In other words be respectful to others in the chat and keep it light. Jokes and a little razzing is cool/welcome but ultimately **No Racism, Sexism, Bullying, Religion, or Politics** for the most part.

**2.** "*Put on your seat belt and stay in your lane!*" **No Backseat Gaming or Tips** unless I ask first (and mostly likely I will because i'm hopeless I know this).

**3.** **No Spamming** Emotes are fine but don't go too **OVERBOARD** with them. What I *REALLY* mean by "spamming" is repeat the same line of text over & over... Please don't, just just don't...

**4.** "*Put the mic down!*"A.K.A.**No Self Promo's** Meaning don't promote yourself or anybody else's channel unless I give you permission.

**5.** **No Trolling**...Again just don't be **THAT** guy/girl...

**6.** In words of "The Fundraiser" Riley Freeman from "The Boondocks" "**No Spoilers!**" If I or others watching haven't beaten the game i'm playing and you have, keep it to yourself and don't ruin things for us!

**7.** "*English MUTHAFXXKA, do you SPEAK IT!*" There I go again with another Jules quote, but what I mean by that is please type in **English Only** because that's the only language I can read unfortunately. :(

#Importantly most of all just enjoy your time with me and have fun!