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Hey hey hey everyone welcome to the Official Dlive page of iTzShAdOw! I've been an avid competitive gamer for around 12 years now, ever since I was introduced to Halo @ back on the OG Xbox! I've played that at a competitive level, as well as several of the COD titles. I have been streaming across multiple platforms off and on for around 6 months now, and decided to dedicate my off time to streaming as much as possible, mostly because the interaction with fans is an awesome feeling. I mainly play/stream PUBG right now and maintain around a 6.0 k/d, so all I know is hot drops! I'm in the US Army and have been coming up on 14 years and fly Blackhawks for a living. So drop a follow, come hang out in the chat and say hello, I'm happy to have you here!

Everyone drop in the discord channel and make your presence known!!!
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