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Heya, I am Hitaxas (pronounced Hit-ox-sis).
I am a level 30 who is obsessed with video games, anime and technology. Loving single father of 2 wonderful and very active children.

Here you can catch me playing mostly Paladins, Diablo III and occasionally other games as well.

All music played on my channel are copyright of their respective owners/bands/companies and I claim no ownership of the music.

Who drew my emotes?

I use Streamlabs OBS:
If you are looking to also stream I highly suggest using this software!

I am affiliated with TeePublic!
You can buy my merch by clicking the banner above and viewing my TeePublic store! Show off your love for the retrowave aesthetic, and this channel at the same time!
If you want, you can become a Patreon supporter! Those that support earn exclusive rewards like special discord and twitch roles and more!
I am not one for rules generally however I do ask the following:

Please be kind to others in the chat

No trolling, don't be scum. Any trolling or harassment that happens here on my channel or in my whispers will be ignored, you will be banned without warning, most likely receive backlash from others and it might result a fate worse than trolling for those attempting such things. You have been warned.

No racism, sexism or politics

Do not post links unless you ask me or a mod first

Please don't mention my viewer count. I have that hidden to me for a reason.

No backseat gaming unless I ask for it, I want to learn the games I play at my own pace.

Don't self advertise your stream, website or anything else unrelated to this stream; if I feel the need, I or a mod will shout you out.

No beating memes to death, that's no fun.

Spam and CAPS are welcome here, just be tasteful with it and have fun!